Are you going for a breezy, contemporary touch?

Plantation shutters are a chic option that can brighten up a room while also offering superior security, light and heat protection. All of our plantation shutters are custom-made to fit your windows.


Russell’s Plantation Shutters are ideal for a wide range of applications and budgets. Russell’s plantation shutter range includes budget-conscious timber composite Enviro-Saver, ABS-Synthetic and Style Plus which is made from environmentally friendly Phoenixwood, and the beautiful basswood Sun-Select range. Sunlight Shutters can be used for all windows, shapes, bi-folds and sliders.


Our shutters are designed and manufactured to be durable and sustainable, wherever you use them. Choose from a range of materials, in painted and stained finishes that will complement your colour palette and décor. Indeed, if you use a paint from a major supplier like Dulux, we can even match your shutters to it.
You can also choose your open-close mechanism: either the traditional plantation-style tilt rods (with either centre or offset tilt rods) or the newer ‘easy tilt’ concealed mechanism.


Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman

‘Make it Grand’

Our standard shutter blades are available in flat and elliptical profiles, and in widths of 47mm, 63mm, 89mm and 114mm. They’re constructed with hand-selected quarter-sawn timbers, reinforced engineered stiles, prescription wood conditioning, mortise and tenon joinery, and multi-step hand finishing. All of these features combine to improve the long-term performance and appearance of our shutters.


Along with plantation-grown timbers, such as Chinese Oak and White Teak, we also offer other shutter materials, including Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and ABS Plastic.
All shutters are check-measured by our professional installers prior to manufacture, and are all hand finished to match your exact specifications. We can supply shutters suitable for internal and external applications, custom-made if necessary, for any window shape and size.


Russell’s Enviro-Saver Plantation Shutters

UV Colour Fade Protect, Mould Resistant, Stain and Scuff Resistant, Value Saver, and Energy Saving
Our most economical range, Enviro-Saver shutters are crafted from re-engineered timber harvested from managed plantations. They’re treated with a durable polypropylene coating, which provides an extremely robust surface that’s stain- and scuff-resistant in a variety of environments.

What’s more, UV inhibitors in the coating protect your shutters and home décor from UV rays, and prevent colour fading and extreme damage from the sun.

  • Economical and durable option for frequently used areas
  • UV inhibitor – Protects your shutter and home décor from UV rays
  • Choose from Enviro-Saver’s popular colour ranges that coordinate beautifully with most contemporary paint finishes
  • Hinged, sliding and bi folding options available

Russell’s ABS Waterproof Plantation Shutters

Maximum Energy Saving, High Mould Resistant, Light-weight and strong, Rust Proof
Formulated specifically for light-weight and strength, our ABS Waterproof plantation shutters are constructed from ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrice Butadiene Styrene). They’re energy-efficient, and help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer (thanks to tiny insulating pockets of air in their cellular structure).

They’re also rust-proof, and resistant to mildew, cracks and warps, so you can use them in any high-moisture areas within your home. In fact, if you choose one of the waterproof options in the ABS Waterproof range, you can even use it for your balcony, courtyard or indoor-outdoor room.

  • 100% waterproof application available (includes stainless steel hinges)
  • Perfect for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens
  • Can withstand high humidity and condensation
  • Formulated specifically for strength
  • Specialty shapes available
  • Available in a range of colours


Russell’s Style Plus Plantation Shutters

Energy Saving, Widest Range of Colours, Environmentally Harvested Chinese Oak, Custom Shapes Available
Hand-crafted from Chinese Oak, a plantation-grown timber, Style Plus plantation shutters are an economical and environmentally friendly solution for any window type.


  • Ideal for bedrooms or lounges
  • Environmentally friendly – can be re-harvested
  • Available in a wide range of painted and stained finishes
  • Specialty shapes available
  • Natural wood and painted finishes


Russell’s Style Select Plantation Shutters

Top of the Line, Largest Window Coverage, Energy Saving, Environmentally Harvested White Teak Hardwood and Highly Customisable

Our Style Select range is crafted from top-of-the-line White Teak hardwood, the finest quality timber, which is not only dimensionally stable, stronger and finely grained, but also eco-friendly. Resulting in the Style Select range being suitable for even the largest of windows.
As with all our styles, Style Select shutters can be tailored to your needs. You can choose the finish (natural wood or painted), the louvre width, and the hinge colour that best suit your application.


  • The perfect way to enhance a feature window
  • Invisible Tilt : Offers streamlined appearance, tighter closure, easy cleaning and a wider view
  • Enjoy wider, unobstructed views – wide panel capability means fewer panels
  • Specialty shapes available, including circles, arches, angles and French doors
  • FSC® certified – indicates that the product is certified and comes from a well-managed forest

Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman


Available Colours:


  • Bisque, Bright White, Creamy, Pearl, Silk White

ABS Waterproof:

  • Bisque, Bright White, Cameo, Pearl, Pure White, Silk White

Style Plus:

  • Bisque, Black Walnut, Bright White, Cameo, Cherry, Chestnut, Cocoa, Creamy, Crisp Linen, Golden Rod, Hermitage Green, Light Pine, Mahogany, Maple Sugar, Mellow Beech, Old Teak, Pearl, Pecan, Pure White, Red Mahogany, Red Oak, Rich Walnut, Silk White, Spring Rose

Style Select:

  • Bisque, Cameo, Pearl, Pure White, Silk White


Optional Extras (Include Extra Charge):

  • Sliding Track, Bi-Fold Track, Pelmets, Side boards and Bottom boards for Sliding and Bi-fold Bay Windows, Corner Windows, Fixed Panels, Motorised, Hand Carving, French Door Cutouts

Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman Plantation Shutters - Russells Creative Curtains and Blinds - Sydney - Manly - Mosman

Made-to-Measure Blinds



Enviro-Saver:                   Timber Composite

ABS-Waterproof:            ABS Synthetic

Style-Plus:                       Phoenixwood

Style-Select:                    FJ Basswood


Three years for Enviro-Saver, ABS-Waterproof and Style-Plus, one year for Style-Select


Louvre Shape:                                    


Louvre Sizes:

47mm, 63mm, 89mm, 114mm

Louvre Thickness:

47mm : 8.5mm 63mm: 10mm 89mm & 114mm: 12mm

Stile Width And Profile:

50mm (standard)


Clearview, Centre, Offset, Easy Tilt

Maximum Panel Height:

3000mm for ABS Waterproof & Style Plus

2700mm for Style Plus and Style-Select

Minimum Hinged Panel Width:


Minimum Hinged Panel Height:


Maximum Height Before Divider Rail Is Required:

1600mm or 1800mm, depending on material. Panels exceeding 2500mm in height will require a second divider rail.

Optimum Bifold Panel Width:

Between 400mm and 600mm

Special Shapes Available (Include Extra Charge):

Oval, Half Round, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon, Circular

Frame Styles Available:

L-Frame, Z-Frame, T-Post, Packed out L-Frame

Hinges (Extra For Stainless Steel):

Self-mortise, L Hinge (offset), pivot hinges, rabbet hinges.